Father Cry by Billy Wilson

Father Cry by Billy Wilson is the latest book I’ve received from Chosen Books for reviewing.

The book deals with the issue of people who have grown up without fathers in their lives. It finds the solution to the hurts of this generation to be finding spiritual fathers in the older generation to fill in the gaps, essentially in a mentoring sort of situation.

The book goes into this relationship dynamic quite a bit, with real life stories telling not only of times that this has made a difference in lives, but also in some cases in times where there has been a failure for various reasons, including a situation where the “father” didn’t really see himself in that role in the same way the younger man did.

It also goes into the need of the older generation to have spiritual children, those to whom they can hand the baton to carry on their legacy and continue the cycle.

It’s an interesting book, and the author gets really honest about some of the stories of his life, which really help the book stay engaging even when sometimes the topic matter gets pretty serious.

Amazon page for the book


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