Tires and mercy

My tire went flat today.

A very bad time for it to do so, but, is there ever a good time?

In this case, it went flat while on a major highway.

And yet, it just went flat… not blowing out in a major fashion as high speed driving tends to cause when a tire suddenly goes flat.

And, in spite of driving on it for nearly half a mile after I realized the problem… because I couldn’t get out of traffic and to the shoulder quicker… there was no rim damage, which I wouldn’t have easily been able to afford to repair.

And, it decided to happen when I was headed to work on a day when things weren’t too critically busy… instead of on the way to a test or something else that would have a more major impact from being late.

And, the best used tire price to be found by calling around was a good amount less than the last time I had to find one. (Yeah, I’m trying to make it through best I can at this point… new tires would be nice, but nowhere near the high priority list… used ones as needed will stall things for now till things look up financially…)

And.. I knew what hours were supposed to be on my check this week, and how much that would give me… which was going to be tight already due to days of not working around the holidays. But somehow, I must have missed a show at the other office or something, because the check was higher than it should have been…. by just about the price of a used tire.

So suddenly needing a tire isn’t a very good thing. But I’m sure glad that at least things went as gentle as they could have.


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