Wedding season

Today was a big wedding event at work… not a weeding itself, but one of the shows where everyone who sells anything tries to convince brides to use their company.

As in, we were even required to ask people when they bought tickets whether or not they were a bride, and give them a certain marking object if they were so that the people selling things knew who to pay attention to, and who they could basically ignore.

I was actually warned about this show in advance… both about the people, and about its ability to make single people depressed realizing some of the less than positive types that have successfully landed a mate somehow.

And yes, some of the people were jerks… and some of the people made you marvel that someone out there does apparently have a thing for the “people of walmart” types.

But the biggest thing that really hit me today was neither of those things.

Maybe I’ve just become a serious cynic, but the thing that really massively hit me was how much money was wasted in this whole circus.

How many millions of dollars got spent today.. for what is pretty much just a big party.

I mean, really… the official part costs about $50.

But so much of the flair… and the extravagance… and the.. well.. gaudiness?

It’s hard for me to imagine being in the position to be able to spend even in several years the amount that some of these people spend on a single day.

Sooo many things in the world could be done with just the money that americans spend each year showing off for each other on their day of their dreams.

I guess it’s just hard for me to ever even imagine being so swept up by that dream of the perfect day of bliss as to be that completely detached from economic reality.

It almost made me wish someone would set up a booth, hire a justice of the peace to sit there, and offer free marriages on the spot to anyone willing to take them up on the offer of jumping out of this craziness.

But somehow I doubt they would have too many takers.


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