The groove

I’ve discovered I have a groove in my head.

Well, 2 of them.

Not the musical sort. The dent sort.

It’s sort of weird… and even more weird that I’ve never noticed it before… but when I have my glasses off, and rub my fingers along the area in front of my ear for about 2 inches, there is a very clear groove that’s been made.

I’ve never had glasses that fit particularly tight… usually they are actually a bit loose and have issues with sliding forward.

But I guess even gentle pressure, left long enough, is enough to create a major dent in what appears to be solid flesh, firm with bone behind it.

I sort of want to get some sort of weird shaped arms for my glasses to make dented shapes… or maybe put some shape between the arms and my head… but then, that would probably look a bit crazy and take way too long to be practical.

But a good lesson to remember in the power of persistence… even if soft and low pressure… making grooves into my head where I may not want them to be, or even realize they are having an effect.


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