Monkey brain

Monkeys are everywhere.

Parts are in my backpack. Parts are in my car. Parts are in my bedroom. Parts are at my mom’s house.

And I’m started to get worried about not getting them done… even though I’ve been spending what seems like every random few minutes, between classes and while waiting for things and before bed and any other time, with a monkey part and a needle in my hands.

5 days to go. Roughly half are done. Others are all at various points in the process.

I knew I was crazy going into this. But now the heat is on.

Spending the $100 on a all-included low effort party makes all the more sense now… but what’s done is done… and as little time as I have, money is just about as limited… so here we go.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to want to see a monkey again. lol


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