Back me up

At work, we have several policies that don’t make the most sense from a customer service perspective.

I think everywhere does to some extent.

Sometimes, what makes the customer unhappy at the moment is what works out best for customers at large in the long run.

And I get this.

And so, even with the policies I don’t agree with, I follow through with them anyways.

What seriously annoys me though…. is when the same supervisors who have a hand in creating these policies…. who tell us we much enforce these policies…. get hit by a customer, and instead of backing me up, they completely turn and break the policy… making me the jerk for trying to do what they told me I had to do.

Sometimes I have to be the bad guy. But if you’ve got a policy making me be the bad guy, it’s really lame when you get to decide to just toss it to the wind and be the good guy you won’t let me be.

Just a random peon frustration moment.


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