Remembering the goal

I’m becoming more and more frustrated with a certain class.

Last semester, one of the professors ended up out due to medical battles. And so a random person familiar with this field was brought in to make it through the end of the class.

But they decided to keep her on for this semester too.

The problem with this is two-fold… one, she very clearly knows her stuff, but she’s not very good at translating that down to our completely unfamiliar level to help us understand it.

But the bigger issue currently is that she seems to be more into punishing us for not being prepared to take boards right now than she is into preparing us to take them a year and a half from now.

Complaints about the difficulty of tests got told that those tests will be hard too.

Yes, we know that… but that’s not helping us learn what we need to be ready for them by just failing us all now.

Well, not all but most. Literally, only 6 students even passed the latest test.

When only 6 students pass…. in a program that required a high gpa to get in…. that isn’t just students not studying, that’s teachers not teaching.

If she really believes that test was a fair judgement of our knowledge of what we need to know… and really believes that we as a class only understood less than 70% of the material we needed to understand, moving on makes no sense.

And yet, on we go… into an area that has a whole semester class devoted to it later, instead of working on this stuff that we won’t see again.

It’s really not making me very happy with this program right now.

The goal is to survive the program, gaining enough knowledge to successfully pass the boards and become a competent staff member in this profession. That’s what we’re paying big money and devoting a huge amount of time and effort into attaining.

Somehow, I’m just not real convinced that our instructor has the same goal for us.


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