A touching discussion

Touch is something that tends to be a sensitive thing to me. (pun
somewhat intended.. lol)

This is a very divided thing.

If it’s someone that im really comfortable with, it’s a very good
thing. In the whole 5 love languages thing, its pretty much my


If its not someone that I know, it tends to be just as dramatically a
negative thing.

As in, I’ve been known to occasionally even respond with a completely
unintentional shudder when someone I don’t know well decides that my
shoulder needs squeezed or something.

If you don’t know me, it greatly annoys me when you touch me. In a
crowd or something its unavoidable, and only mildly annoying… and the
same with people like doctors who have a legitimate reason.

But the touchy feely people who decide they must intentionally touch
everyone drive me nuts.

And I’m actually not even that restrictive on my level of how much I
have to know you for it to be ok… coworkers and classmates are usually

I’m still having to get used to patients a bit… most of the time it
falls under the legitimate reason category, but occasionally one will
still trip off the annoyance factor, especially if they are also a bit

But the biggest area where this gets “touch”y is actually in churches.
Ive been to a few places that get all instructional during the greet
time…. Telling people to give each other hugs, and that sort of thing.
I really don’t like those places, and try to avoid them.

Unfortunately, charismatic leaning churches also tend to do a lot of
touching in the name of prayer. One would think that laying on of
hands would trigger the legitimate reason response, but with me it

Generally this isn’t too hard to avoid… though with our church this
means that I’m not about to go forward to pray on anything because
they have a policy of always having someone pray with people and it
always seems to involve hands on them.

But right now, my church is kind of starting to annoy me on the
touching thing. You see, the current series is going through the
elements of the blessing, including physical touch.

What this means… is that right now essentially the whole church is on
this application kick, and making these efforts towards deliberately
touching people.

Because they assume that is blessing them, without considering whether
or not these people actually want to be touched.

Just hand me the bulletin… I swear, I really don’t need to have my
forearm touched in this process. Just say hello while walking by, you
really don’t have to tap my shoulder or pat my back to do so.

But of course im not going to say that… so I just focus on hoping they
don’t catch me offguard and get a reflexive wince.

Im starting to feel like a grumpy gus… but I’m really hoping this gets
over with and forgotten fairly soon. Aren’t we on the next study yet?


2 thoughts on “A touching discussion

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