Drowning again

Every time I start thinking that things are stabilizing and starting to look survivable, suddenly things take a turn for the worse.

A big blow today on any sort of financial stability for next school year. As in a major blow.. making the one I already knew was likely to be a problem look like small fries.

Pretty much a situation that makes a difference of roughly 10k. Far from being something I can just shake off.

And the most annoying thing is that this isn’t from anything at all that I’ve done or failed to do. Just a decision to make changes in eligibility…. made by people who’ve probably never been in a position to even know anyone who’d be eligible either way.

Actually, with the way my college track has gone, there probably aren’t actually a whole lot of others in this boat… which makes it even more baffling on why it would even make a difference to make a change to exclude just the handful of people.

And yet, it is made.

There’s a vague chance that someone might be able to override it just for this one last year, but it’s highly unlikely.

And so I’m looking at a good possibility that this may be the end of the college road again, in spite of my best efforts.

Not happy… but feeling pretty helpless to change it either.

Just another giant wave hitting right when air starts to seem within reach.


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