The shifting begins.

So it’s been about 2 weeks since things got really interesting for the finances for next school year.

And today, while I was on the city website to pay my water bill, I found a job opening.

Full time, third shift. Not very school friendly.

But it’s doing a job that I have done previously for two years in a different town. And.. where I’m currently a city employee currently, that gives me a boost… which along with the previous experience makes at least getting into the interview a pretty safe bet.

$6 an hour more than I make now.. $4 an hour more than I made doing that job previously.

I looked at the page… and just left it there at first.

Then today at work… I got my check from yesterday, and along with it was a couple of extra pieces of paper. One of which explained that there’s going to be a change in scheduling procedure starting June 1.

Basically, the day is now divided into two parts… roughly before lunch and after lunch. You’ll have to work the entire part, and you have to always be available for that part on that day of the week to sign up for it.

For as long as I’m in school, this will effectively block any ability for me to get hours during the weekdays with the exception of one afternoon a week for 4 hours… which would still be competing against anyone else who had that time available.

And so… with a good sized sigh… I applied for the new job.

It’s looking like it might be that time again, as much as I keep praying otherwise.


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