Facebook parent love

I think everyone has a few friends on facebook who are overly enthusiastic parents.

You probably know the sort.

The feed is constantly about their kids.

Every day there’s a new picture up with a caption about how their kid is going to be a model.. even though, honestly, their kid is not at all cute.

Their other kid, or maybe even the same kid, is an artist or a singer. Except they are awful at it. But the parent gushes on and on until you sort of start to wonder if they are seriously in denial or just being sarcastic.

Against every other opinion on the planet, they think their kid is the greatest human being ever, and everything they do is amazing.

Honestly, I make pretty liberal use of the option to have things from certain people not show in my newsfeed, just for this reason.

But in a way, it actually helps me make more sense of God.

Because, well, we’re all the untalented ugly sinners. There’s no way using human logic to make it make sense to love any of us.

But, sometimes love overcomes reality. Even limited human love.

So I guess a God whose ways aren’t supposed to make logical sense so that we can’t logic our way into truth… and who is beyond reality…. make makes a bit more sense as an overly enthusiastic parent seeing his child when all the rest of the world sees is a mess.

I imagine God’s posts about us would get pretty annoying too. lol


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