How to pass the hopeless turtle

There is a point where sometimes you have to just stop for the sake of mental sanity.

I think I’ve reached that point in the whole process I’ve been going along for a while now.

Yes, working things out and trying to make them sort out is nice… but sometimes… it just digs this pit. A pit that feels hopeless and daunting.

And like you might as well just give up and pitch your tent there.

It’s at that point when you just have to walk away. Maybe just for a while… maybe for a long time… maybe forever.

You’ve worn out your productive energy, and are just running on a feeling of desperation.

Sometimes you just have to let things be good enough for now… knowing there is more to be dug into around here later, but knowing that going more right now is no longer bringing productive results.

Even when it still feels like a mess.

It’s time to give it a break and regroup.


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