Silly mistakes

I think one of the things that frustrates me the most in clinical experience is making silly mistakes.

Not mistakes because I don’t know what I’m doing… or not paying attention… mainly just mistakes where I’m trying to do several things at once and totally botch what should have been the simplest one.

For example, putting the left side marker on the patient’s right side.

Or getting ready for an exam, and grabbing a size of image plate that is obviously too small for an adult foot.

Just silly things that make me feel like I’m a total ditz.

Unfortunately, the more I get worried about making them and trying to focus on making sure everything is perfect, the more likely I am to totally botch some really minor simple thing that slipped through my focus on so many other things.

I know it’s just life, and it will get better as I keep gaining experience and get used to doing these things.

But it still frustrates me.


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