Trust and the turtle

So I’ve felt a bit like a hopeless turtle this past week.

Through a conversation with someone the other day, and today through a tangent thought during a sermon…. I’ve come to realize that the issue isn’t whether or not I feel like a turtle.

Because, well, yes. If I’m left to my own resources, that’s pretty much the extent of my power. I can dig myself a nice pit or cave to hide in.

But, the issue of hope isn’t supposed to be based on my ability to figure things out.

It’s supposed to be based on how much I trust that God can find a use for even a hopeless turtle.

Do I trust that he can, and that he will?

I’m ok on the “can” part. But I’m never as sure as I should be on the “will” part.

I know that he has a purpose for even turtles, logically.

But feeling like there’s hope of being anything more functional that a speedbump is often a completely different question.

I’ve freshly returned to the point of realizing I’m a hopeless mess on my own. Next step seems to be going from just believing that he could fix a mess to trusting that he will make something out of the mess.

Somehow, that step is feeling a bit more like scaling a cliff though.


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