Comp competition

I hate competitions.

I’m so not a competitive person.

I’m the type who prefers to just play the game and not even keep score.

I’m the one who is always really glad to be playing against someone who is a pretty even match… so that I don’t feel like I have to either throw the game to make it at least a pretty close match…. or shape up to not be too boring when I keep losing.

My idea of a good outcome in checkers is when I have a piece in that magic spot in the one corner where I can go back and forth between the next to the last space on the row closest to me and the one that is directly diagonal to it on the other connecting side of the corner block.

Can I win the game from there? No. But, neither can the other person do anything to get me when I’m there, so they can’t do anything to win either.

Well, this semester, we get to start completing competency exams in clinical, in which we are judged by one of the techs twice on a particular exam, and get them to sign off that we know what we are doing on that exam enough to be able to complete one without a tech in the same room.

And suddenly, the race is on. For some reason, this has turned into basically a race with several members of the class to get as many as they can immediately.

Now, we don’t actually have to have any of them done this semester… and only 10 by the end of next semester.

And most of the ones we’re able to do now are very common exams that there will be tons of chances to do at any point.

But you’d think there was a major prize on the line!

It’s really starting to get annoying with a few of them. One in particular will basically try to avoid doing any exam that he’s already got his comp on, just so that he’s available in case an exam he does need comes in.

I’m starting to lose my patience with this. It’s not like I care that I’m doing a lot of the exams when I’m on at the same time that he is, it just greatly annoys me why I’m doing them.

I actually informed him the other day that just because he has a comp on foot, doesn’t mean that he never has to do another foot again… after he’d slid me the third order for a foot that I’d done that day.

Which sounds like a small thing… but as seriously non-confrontational as I tend to be, even that’s unusual for me.

But I don’t think he got the point anyway.

Ah well.

Just hoping after the big rush with the competitive ones, that suddenly they will find a spot that they don’t have many exams that are common enough to get quickly.


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