Last times of childhood

I’m sort of realizing lately how many things with kiddo are last times… or getting close to last times.

Last time I’ll be sitting through the elementary school music program.

Last field day.

Last zoo field trip… maybe even last field trip at the end of this year, as I don’t remember taking them in middle school.

Probably close to the last real easter egg hunt.

Last year of being required to invite the whole class to birthday parties.

Last year of having only 50 kids in her grade at school, and having almost all of them the same kids that started out together in kindergarten.

I feel like I should be more nostalgic… more sobbing for wishing for more time with a younger kid.

Instead, I’m finding myself sort of relieved on a lot of these.

Maybe it’s the craziness of schedules and trying to keep everything balanced… but I’m sort of looking forward to having less obligations from her school. Less things to remember, times to juggle around sometimes with short notice, things to fight with kiddo over changes.

I’m not sure how we’re going to survive teenage mood swings when we’ve got enough on our hands as it is… but moving on from some of the kid things seems pretty appealing to me right now.


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