The trick

I remembered what I was going to write about… 12 hours or so later. LOL

Our physics class has been going pretty rough lately. As in, only 6 people passed one of the tests rough.

We’d had a spell of this back at the beginning of the year… in which we’d ended up talking to the department head, and things basically got blamed back on us.

Apparently we just all as a group weren’t studying hard enough… even though we all were supposed to have had a gpa above 3.0 to get into the program so we aren’t exactly slackers. And some of the material in the tests couldn’t be found in the book or powerpoints at all when the instructor was asked to show us where we would have learned it.

That’s about how the semester has gone… though we’ve sort of adapted to it enough that most of us are passing, if barely.

Well, on the 1st, we had a big test. A good amount of math, and other particular detail work to remember.

And suddenly, towards the end of the test, she announced that she would let us use our notes for 15 minutes.

You know it’s been a long semester when it took me a minute or two to figure out that she was actually serious… and not just playing an april fools prank on us.

Because the latter would have seemed about 10 times more likely.


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