The good team

Sports fans always sort of amuse me a bit.

Usually its the die hard overly devoted loyal in losses fans who don’t seem to care that their teams may very well be awful.

But right now, it’s sort of the opposite. It’s all of the sudden random fans that appear when a team is doing really well.

The basketball team for the state college in town where I did pre-reqs is doing very well right now… making it to levels of a tournament that are really unusual.

And now, suddenly, everyone is into this team, and basketball in general. It’s everywhere…

But it’s sort of hard not to be amused at the fans who don’t seem to have the foggiest idea about the team or even the game and are just onboard for an excuse to be a part of something and/or to party right now.

I wonder if those true loyal fans are thrilled to have an army join them… or annoyed at the ones who can buy the gear but have none of their passion.


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