So much for observation

My daughter now has her first pair of glasses.

A bit earlier than most of us in the family got them, but still sort of a right of passage.

But it was still a surprise to me… because she came back nearsighted.

Our family is a pretty even split, with about half near, and half far. I’m near… with astigmatism tossed in.

But I’d always assumed that she was far sighted.

Not sure why… I just always did.

Maybe because she falls on the opposite side from me on every other family split topic. She got the skinny build, the sports interest, the blue eyes, the extrovert, the troublemaker.

I think I’ve sort of come to assume that genetics likes to laugh in the face of probability with this one.

But I guess not this time.

It was also interesting that she needed them, because she has done completely fine on every single eye test given by the doctor’s office and the school, just using those charts with the giant E.

Honestly, I was sort of expecting this to be a base-line sort of visit… to give an idea of progression if she ended up needing them somewhere in middle school.

But, I suppose at least we caught it before it was becoming a bigger problem. She seems to really like that she can see better wearing them, and even though she was told she didn’t need to wear them all the time, she generally seems to be using them pretty frequently by her own choice.

Glad that’s one less war to have to wage!


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