Community play

For each semester, we have to have at least 2 hours of community service, with an organization that can provide verification on official letterhead or by certificate.

After scanning through the listings on several websites, I eventually ran across one that sounded much more fun than most of the random cleaning ones that seemed to dominate the list,

And so, in the name of community service, I got to learn about 12 basic board games…. and hang out for two hours playing them with families that had younger kids to teach them how to play.

One of the local government based centers was doing an all day board game family bonding day… with a huge pile of games to be played by anyone who came in.. and we were to be helping them to get into a game without having to be reading through the instructions and trying to figure it out on their own while their kids got restless to play with the pieces.

Much better than cleaning! And they fed us lunch.

This actually seemed like a pretty good match with me, as I’m one of those people who will pretty much throw a game to make sure it’s close if I feel like the other person isn’t doing well.

Which is actually why I didn’t bring my daughter along during the time I was volunteering… as she is very much a competitive person, and being a good sport is a lesson we frequently have to revisit.

I did bring her back later in the evening though, and end up playing for about 4 more hours with several different people… including a kid that was really cheating and messing things up… without her losing her cool. Definitely a good night!

And I also ended up with about 4 more ideas on games to own at some point.

Honestly, the vast majority of the board games we play are either on the computer, or on the wii. Actual boards are rare around here… so it was a different change of pace.


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