Whichever way

The financial aid office at my college is starting to drive me crazy.

I’ve been talking with them back and forth since February, and have still yet to get to a firm answer on things.

Basically, my aid is going to be taking a drastic drop this year… low enough that I’m not realistically going to have a shot at paying the amount they are expecting me to.

As in, their number is over twice what I made in all of last year. And I’d already submitted my tax info, and so they knew this when they made the number.

And so we’ve begun the appeals process.

And been waiting.

It’s starting to really get to me.

Honestly, at this point, I’m mostly ok with either outcome. While I want to finish and move forward… with the current stress level, and current financial pressures… and the next semester likely to be worse, it could be a nice break.

But with the semester nearing an end… it’s really hard not having an answer to have any idea how to plan for what is going to happen.

My part time job wants to know what my schedule is going to be for the summer to be able to give me hours.

If I’m going to be looking for a full time job, the time to be applying is now.

And if I’m going to have a pre-term class as planned, the time to be arranging that is also now.

But I’m sort of stuck until I know what things are going to look like.

And it’s really getting annoying.


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