Grading fears

This semester, I’ve run into a new battle. The fear of graded procedures.

Technically, I suppose this isn’t new… I’ve feared the checkoffs and finals that are graded by the instructor for the previous semesters.

But this round, there’s a new challenge. It’s a process where the techs that are supervising us have to grade us twice on each different type of exam, and fill out paperwork on how well we did on a whole list of different factors… eventually deciding whether or not we are good enough at them to perform them with the tech in the next room instead of in the room with us.

The instructor also grades the images that result from these.

This makes it massively nerve-wrecking. Both during the exam, and preparing for the exam.

We do somewhat control when we are graded.. as we tell the tech we want them to before the exam. But we still have some uncertainty by never knowing which exams are going to come through when.

And so this is majorly throwing me off and making me nervous… even when I’m just doing an exam that I know I’m close to being ready to be graded on and so trying to get it as perfect as I can to prepare.

But somehow instead of making me feel more confident… the more of these I do, the more they make me feel like getting sick to my stomach.

I’ve got to get over it and start getting more of them done.

But it’s sure not going to be smooth for me from the looks of things currently.


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