Beginning the middle

We went and did kiddo’s first middle school orientation. She’s going to be sticking with the traditional magnet system in town.

It went well. She likes the school, and figured out her way around well.

But I have to admit, I’m sort of worried.

ADHD makes organization a lot more complicated… and this is the first year for changing classes and not having a set desk to keep things in. We had enough trouble keeping track of assignments already… so it makes me nervous to be jumping into having 7 different sets to track.

I know it’s going to be all about setting up a folder system in a binder… but setting it up and getting her to use it well are completely different topics.

With a million distractions in a busy school hallway between lockers and classes… with a kid who has never had a “hurry” setting.

This could be an interesting year.


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