Limping along

A little over a month ago, I was running late one morning.. after being surprised by unexpected ice, much later in the season than it would usually be an issue.

Trying to move down the sidewalk quickly, I sort of twisted my ankle. I didn’t fall, the foot just sort of twisted inwards.

It hurt bad for a moment… but went back to just being really sore soon, so I went on with my day and didn’t think much of the soreness.

Until the next morning… when I had trouble even flexing my foot flat, let alone walking on it. I called the doctor’s office, who couldn’t get me in anytime soon… hobbled through my day of classes in pain, and went to the immediate care clinic after my last class.

They took x-rays… not broken. And so, they basically just told me it was a sprain… gave me a little brace to wear for a few days and told me to wrap it after that…. and a prescription for aleve that was basically the same thing as taking two of the over the counter pills.

Life went on… and the ankle was still sore, but I was still on it a lot, and so I figured that this was just because I hadn’t been taking it easy and resting the foot.

Well, it didn’t get better.

And now, I’ve noticed that there is a pea sized lump on the tendon on the back that moves when I flex my foot.

Something tells me that this is not a sprain.

I’ve decided to try and find a new doc that can actually get me an appointment in a reasonable amount of time, and treat me with some decency. I guess this is as good of a time as any.


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