Strawberry weather

The weather this year has been crazy.

The temps go up and mild… and then all of the sudden drop down below freezing again.

We’ve had more snowfall this spring than the previous several years combined, but in isolated spells.

And it’s really confusing the plants and gardening.

The plant places don’t know whether to open or not, and the ones that opened at the normal time have had to take plants down to cover and protect them multiple times already.

But the weather is nice when it isn’t freezing… so people are ready to work on their gardens and get them planted.

My poor strawberries picked the wrong week to decide to start blooming… just before 3 days where the temp isn’t supposed to even hit 40.
I think that the reason the average spring temp is around 50-60 here isn’t because we actually have any days in that range… we just have a few days of 20-30 followed by a few days of 70-80 and the average splits the rollercoaster.

Could be an interesting year for my plants. Tomatoes should be planted already. Peas are planted, but who knows how well they’ll survive.


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