Tears and fears

So I got a voicemail today that made me cry. Long and hard.

It was from my instructor… and all that it said was that she’d had one of the techs talk to her today, and that she wanted to see me after the last final next week to discuss performance goals.

This has been a rough semester stress-wise on clinicals. As I’ve kind of gone into here before, the whole system of being graded by the techs on exams totally makes me horribly nervous, and on top of that, I’ve had the whole stupid mistake thing going on.

It’s just one of those cases where I’ve tried my best at it… but it’s still been rough going at times. It isn’t coming as smooth and effortlessly as some of my classmates make it look.

And somehow… that one voicemail is enough to make the stress and frustrations of an entire semester all break loose.

I know my grade is safe… it’s already been entered into the computer system for weeks.

But I’m still really dreading this whole conversation… and hoping I can at least not end up in tears during it.


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