Not fair yet final

There’s one thing that really keeps bugging me about my grades for this semester.

I’ve mentioned before about my fear of the graded exams, and how bad they throw me off. So you can image how bad I get worked up about the clinical final, which is a practical demonstration exam… and has a huge portion of my grade percentage riding on it.

So, in this exam, we have six exams to demonstrate. 3 of them are given… as in they tell us what exam to perform… and 3 of them we just get told to do the exam that best demonstrates that given area.

So I get through the first 5… and I’m doing really well. I’ve missed two really minor things… so probably running about a 96% at this point.

And I get to the last exam… which is supposed to be a given one. And so I set it up as a given one…. only to be told at the end that she actually wanted a different view in order to best show that area.

Wait a sec…. it was supposed to be a given exam! Not a best demonstrate!

No matter… my protests failed.

Unfortunately, because it was off, everything was off. My centering of the ray wasn’t on the right part, my tube angle wasn’t right, my centering of the image plate was off… basically everything.

I barely passed the final…. which pulled my solid A in the class down to a low B.

You know, it’s one thing when I don’t actually know the material… or when I get so flustered that I forget things.

But come on… at least give me a fair shot.

I feel like crying “not fair”… but, even if I decided to protest it formally, I have to have this professor for the rest of the program…. and the impact on my long term grades would probably be worse than just shaking it off.

But still. It sucks.


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