Ankle possibilities

So, basically, the doc had no idea what the random knot on my tendon is.

She decided to order an MRI to narrow down at least what the composition is.

Right now, her main guesses are a partially torn tendon, or arthritis that just happened to get flared up by the inflammation from twisting the ankle.

Neither one sounds good.

“Soft tissue” injury would have healed more by now. A bone issues would have shown up on the earlier X-ray, or wouldn’t have formed that quickly since then.

The tendon is probably more likely, given the bone spurs issue… but the fact that it is really still and sore first thing n the morning and after I’ve been off of it sounds more like arthritis to her.

I sort of got lectured about not wearing the boot they gave me at the immediate care place, but they only said “for a few days”.

So she wants me staying off of it, and wearing the boot.

But got a call today that they have to get approval for the MRI first, which means getting the x-rays from the immediate care place first and sending them to the insurance company to get it approved… so it could be “a bit”.

Great. lol


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