Messages of physical and emotional means

My mind has been on a bit of a tangent lately.

The topic… the interaction between emotional, spiritual, and physical things.

This was partially provoked by a book I’m reading that entirely lumped the spiritual and emotional categories together.

Of course, they aren’t the same thing… but they always seem more closely linked to each other than either of the two seems linked to physical.

And problems spiritually almost always also cause problems emotionally.
And sometimes problems emotionally can cause problems in out spiritual life as well.

But emotional problems do also interact with physical effects too…. such as the symptoms of stress.
And after thinking about it, I think physical problems also sometimes cause emotional problems too… both in dealing with the physical problem (such as a recently disabled person), but also in chemical imbalances or genertic pre-dispositions creating havok in some people emotionally.

But does the physical and the spiritual interact in the same way?

As someone who believes in physical healings through prayer, I think the spiritual can effect the physical… also thinking of Saul/Paul being blinded temporarily.

But can the physical effect the spiritual?
Again, I think in some ways it can.. but on this one I’m not as confident. But there are definite physical elements to worship and to prayer… that seem like they go beyond merely being emotional effects. Prayer through movement.

This train of thought then got me to thinking about how God goes about getting through to us. This tangent mainly came from thinking about Jonah.

Jonah physically ran from his task. And God got his attention in a physical way. (Your spiritual problem just might have become a physical one about the time you find yourself in a fish… )

Prodigal son is another case where physical running was ended by a physical problem in the form of hunger and lacking in physical needs being met.

And I wonder sometimes if God tries to get the message to us using the same manner that we had used when we tried to send a “I’ll do this my way” message at him.

No, I don’t particularly want to talk about my ankle in relation to the crazy busy life I’ve had lately, why do you ask? LOL


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