And waiting… and waiting..

And I’m still waiting on financial aid appeals answers. With less than three weeks to go.

I did get an answer on one part of the appeal (out of two parts).

Which reduced the amount that I’d have to pay out of pocket this year to a still unreasonable 9k. (In addition to maxing out my federal loans to have to pay back later.)

I’m starting to wonder if they think that if they wait long enough, I’ll come up with the money. Like maybe I have rich relatives that will suddenly step up if I have no other options… or that I’ll magically get a rich cosigner for a private loan.

Unfortunately for them (and me), I have no grandparents left… only one living parent with disability income that no bank will take seriously for cosigning… and no other close older relatives. I have two remaining uncles… but neither of which have I actually seen other than funerals since kiddo was a toddler…. and one aunt who has no contact with the family and who wouldn’t qualify anyway.

So basically, my fate for continuing or not is in the hands of an office that has been giving me non-answers for 3 months or so now.

Somehow, I don’t think they care.


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