No tears, no answers

So the MRI results came back…. and showed no tears in the tendons.

There were also no fluid filled masses, or abnormal growths.

So it’s not an abscess or a tumor.

But it didn’t really give any clues as to what exactly it is.

The MRI mainly just focused on the plantar fasciitis flare up…. that I’ve been trying to ignore all semester and still been battling increasingly since the job doing truck unload and shelf stocking.

But that’s an entirely different type of pain. That starts on the bottom of the foot… and is more a tenderness that goes up through the center of the leg…. and is usually worse when I’m standing but not nearly as bad if I keep moving.

The new pain is totally different… it’s sharp… and right along the back of the ankle and leg, though it does spread forward some if I ignore it long enough. And it’s worse when I’m walking.. especially if I’m pushing something like a grocery cart or lawnmower and that leg is the one that’s in the rear on that step.

And so my primary care doc had originally just sort of blown it off at the start of the conversation as being related to the foot issue, couldn’t explain to me how a tension issue on the bottom of the foot would cause a physical lump on the back of the ankle, and so came to agree with me that there is something going on that isn’t explained by that diagnosis.

And so I have a referral to an orthopedic doc… to see what they can come up with.


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