The time to panic

I’ve started to panic about next semester.

Numbers on the financial issues are still way off… as in 7k to come up with. Though, with the system set up, I still technically have three weeks to come up with that.

My plan has been to start classes on monday either way, and keep hoping and praying that it will work out last minute.


With the last doctor’s appointment, I’m having to admit… the ankle is going to be a big issue.

I toughed it out for the last 6 weeks of last semester… with being on my feet all day for 2 days a week.. and that was tough.

And I’m pretty sure it probably played a factor in my ankle getting worse instead of better.

But this semester requires me to be on my feet 4 days a week.

There is just no way that I can tough that out right now. I was barely managing with half that.

Normally, this would be ok… I could miss for a bit as long as I made the hours up by the end of the semester. But the summer semester is only 9 weeks long.

Even if I just missed for the week until my ortho appointment, that is going to add an additional half day to every week after that to be able to catch up.

And I don’t expect the ortho to be able to wave a magic wand at that appointment and make my ankle suddenly be able to handle 4 1/2 days a week.

This is not looking good.


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