Pain preferences

With the realization that this is likely to be the end result, I’ve started looking for full time jobs. Or at least another part time job.

And I’m sort of feeling like I’m doomed either way.

A large part of the decision to leave call center work was my wrists. With the constant fast typing required, I developed tendonitis in my wrists… which tends to flare up again even with the short term seasonal job.

And so, in the last job hunt, I generally took that into consideration, realizing that even if I got another call center job, it was likely going to end up being a short term solution that would likely be painful.

Thus, the move towards retail.

But now, with my ankle, I feel pretty stuck. There’s no way I can do a job that is full time on my feet right now.

But, there’s pretty much nothing in the way of jobs that doesn’t require either constant typing or being on my feet…. unless it requires training or experience that I don’t have.

So I’m basically feeling like right now, it’s a matter of choosing which pain I prefer.


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