Meetings and knowing better

Last night was the first congregational meeting for the new church.

And I really should have realized that with my anxiety levels already up from everything else going on, that this wasn’t a good day to go.

But I guess I assumed it would be more like the old church.. basically just an informational meeting… all chairs towards the front thing.

I really should have known better. The trend with this church is that everything is a social function… and everything starts late.

So coming in right about the posted start time… meant that the pizza thing that had been listed half an hour earlier was just starting… and the format of sitting around tables and chatting was how the whole meeting was held.

Now, I know that I’m one of very few weird people who would actually prefer a more formal format than a pizza social.

But social is very much not my thing…. and eating is very much not my thing when I don’t know the people around me and my anxiety level is high enough that my tummy is more interested in thinking it wants to send food the other direction.

I just wish that they would keep the social elements as a more separate, avoidable thing… instead of making everything from a prayer meeting to a business meeting into a chit chat time.

This morning I woke up with my hands sore, I assume from fidgeting with them so much.

I’m thinking that’s probably the last time I’ll be going to meetings.


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