Sonogram scare

I’m nervous.

Today I went in for a routine sonogram… a basic check for cysts related to one of the chemical/hormone issues I’ve got.

No symptoms of anything weird, just requested by a new doc I saw because I hadn’t had one done in several years.

As in, I’ve only had one done in the 11 years since I was pregnant… and that one was probably 2007 or so.

The other docs I’ve seen haven’t wanted them, mainly because it doesn’t really matter whether there are cysts present at the time or not, as the treatment is the same either way… the cysts would just show them more conclusively what they can already see by bloodwork.

So, I go in… we do the basic history… I tell the tech why the exam has been ordered so she knows what she is looking for… and we start.

The exam is actually in two parts. The first part goes smoothly… and she’s asking me questions about my kid and where I work etc. The only real question related to the exam was a question to make sure that what she was seeing at one point was a c-section scar (long story, but my outer scar isn’t where she would normally see it to know without asking or looking elsewhere.

But almost immediately after she starts part two, so goes quiet.

There’s just this change in her focus… that without saying a word, I know that she’s found something.

She also had a student in there at the time, who had been staying back behind her the entire time and hadn’t said a word… who shortly after stepped up beside her to look at something on the monitor closer.

I’ve been that student… though in a different department entirely… and I’ve made that move. I know there was something unusual showing… and unusual is rarely good.

She spends a lot more time on one side than on the other.

And then, at the end, she asks if I’ve had unusual bleeding. Which wouldn’t have seemed odd to me if she had asked it at the beginning… but again, I’ve seen the techs ask random history questions late into or after an exam, and know that it almost always means they’ve seen something that they feel like that’s going to be a relevant question.

The tech then had me wait while she went and checked the images with the doctor to see if they needed more views. Again, something that usually happens when something odd comes up that they might want a non-standard view to see if it will show it better.

So I’m just about positive that something was found on the sonogram.

I don’t think it was just the expected cysts though. She knew to be expecting that those might be there.. and I don;t think they would have gotten that response.

But at the same time… it didn’t have that really serious feel… the one that enters the room when you know what is showing is something that is likely to be a major cancer or something.

But, it’s thursday.

The doc isn’t in on friday, and might not get the report until monday anyway.

And so all that I can do is sit and wait and try not to be nervous about what might be.

Easier said than done.


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