Simple factors

Every year, there is a big festival in town, that runs for two weekends and the week in between.

The last time I went, Boo was in a stroller, and even then, I think I went to about 2 events.

If I were to make a list as to why, there would be a lot of reasons.

But this year, I’ve realized something.

As the entire event surrounds the area of the building where I work, I have free and close parking, and access to toilets that aren’t port-a-potties.

Both of those issues would have been on my top ten list of issues, but not on the top 5.

But it’s sort of surprising how much of a difference removing even two more minor factors can be.

We’ve been several times this year… even to the big events that we would have normally avoided.

It wasn’t until the last event that I realized that being familiar with the building, I knew that access to a balcony overlooking the concert area was open to the public anytime there was an event in that part of the building…. and so we could go up there and be completely away from the crowds, because only a few people realized they could get up there.

It seems like with trying to change behavior, we always go for the biggest issue…. the biggest target to attack and tackle to try and reduce resistance.

How many times would just taking out a couple of minor, easier factors be enough to tip the scales if we just realized it?


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