Medical answers

So I have some answers in medical areas.

The sonogram turned out “consistent with diagnosis”.

So I assume that pretty much means they found small cysts, but nothing to get excited about… much less than I was worried they might have found.

The visit with the orthopedic doc was also productive, but a bit frustration inducing.

The ankle issue is actually non-insertion achilles tendonitis… however, it was caused by a small tear.

Why didn’t the tear show up on the mri? Well, because the mri didn’t actually even cover that area.

Apparently, my doc had written “for nodule on heel”. Instead of “slightly above the ankle”. And so at some point, this had gotten changed into being for the foot… the “heel”, not the ankle.

My doc had only looked at the report, not the images…. so she never noticed it.

Gee… great.

Actually, I’m sort of thinking that I should have wondered about that earlier.. I mean, I was already wondering why the bottom of the foot would be related, so I really should have thought “wait, why is the bottom of the foot even covered by an mri of the ankle in the first place?” at some point.

Ah well. Hindsight.

But, 2 1/2 months after the incident, I now have a correct answer as to what is going on, and a plan of action. A new anti-inflamation med, a shoe insert to life the heel and reduce the tension on the tendon, and physical therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

So I’m glad for that.

But sort of wishing it would have been caught and started way back when.


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