I decided not to plant melons this year, because last year they didn’t do very well.

The vines grew ok, but the melons I got were mostly deformed looking and baseball sized. Even when they were in the wettest part of my garden, and watered frequently.

I’d tried both cantaloup and honeydew, both about the same result.

And really, cantaloupes aren’t that expensive in the summer anyway.

This morning, I was harvesting out my spinach because it had started to bolt now.

And as I removed the plants at the one end, I found some melon plants that had been hiding between the spinach and the snap peas growing on the fence.

Pretty good sized ones!

Right in the middle between where the two types of melons had been… so I’m not even sure which one they are.

So I suppose I’ve been overruled on the melon decision this year. Will see how they go I guess.


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