Pea reaches

I overestimated how many peas to plant this year.

Last year I planted 4. They were plants that I had bought already as seedlings.

This year, I bought seeds.

And so, since the weather was going so crazy this spring, I was worried about them dying from the cold snaps, and so I planted the whole package… figuring I’d be really lucky if half of them lived.

They endure cold much better than I think apparently.

And are going crazy!

I’ve been getting them to climb the fence, which worked well last year.

The problem this year has been that their branches and spindles are too long.

If they get too far over, they will grab onto the plant next to them instead of to the fence.

But if I keep trying to get them attached closer to the base, then they have too much room as the arms grow, and they can pull quite a ways away from the fence while still being attached, and have a much tougher time with wind and hail beating them up.

Which is even more a problem when some of the arms grab onto another plant, and then the arms of the one are trying to hold the weight of both, and both end up even worse off. (spiritual lesson in there..)

So it has taken some work… and a lot more twine and rubber bands than I’d expected.

And I’m still trying to figure out how to work with the area above the fence line. They didn’t get that tall last year!


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