Many many seekers

In the news today, the official numbers were given for that job expo for the other day.

On just the first day, they had 1,500 applicants.

One day.. of a three day expo…. with one of the later days being the day they had extended hours into the evening.

So not out of the question to guess they probably easily topped 3,000 applicants… if not even 5,000 total.

Right now, they are hiring 75 people… with another 75 in a month… up to 200 total by the end of the year.

The numbers are a bit staggering. How in the world do you even pick among that many people?

I’m not honestly all that surprised that they got that many people… that’s about what it has felt like I’m up against in a lot of the jobs I’ve applied for… though most of them aren’t even hiring the 75.

But what sort of shocks me is that with that giant applicant pool…. they are hiring for full time jobs.

Who does that anymore?

They could very very easily hire 400 by the end of the year, give them all 20 hours a week instead of 40, and easily recover the extra training costs by not having to give any of them benefits.

Or, more likely around here… hire 600, give them all 15 hour weeks, and make them fight each other to get additional hours so that when you need more staff to come in for some hours, you have a ton of people ready to jump on it eagerly and ready to do anything that they can for you.

It’s such a different world from when I was first looking for jobs in high school and in the first few years afterwards.

Back then, it seemed like nobody hired part time if they could help it… they all seemed to give priority to people who were able to do full time hours without having to work around things like school. Places like walmart who did otherwise were the exception by far.

I’m remembering the jobs I had during my first attempt at college… which I would have preferred to have part time, but had to make full time work because it was what was available. Even when it meant going in at 3 pm after a long day of classes and sometimes not getting off until 1:30am to have to repeat the next day.

Sort of amazing how much things can drastically change in just a decade or so.


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