Med calls

Recently I went to the doctor for a TB test for school, related to being exposed during last semester.

It ended up being turned into a discussion on why I wasn’t still on a few meds to stabilize the chemical/hormonal imbalances. Which basically boiled down to cost when I didn’t have insurance.

And so, he decided to put me back on them.

3 of the 4 I was ok with…. but the 4th has had a lot of controversy since the last time that I was on it…. and so I asked to see if something else could be substituted.

He checked, came back in and said no, and wrote me a prescription for it anyway.

I took all of the prescriptions to the pharmacy… though still not sure I wanted to take that one… and when I went to pick them up, I was told that due to the controversy, they couldn’t even get that one from the manufacturer anymore.

Gee… great.

So they said they would call the doctor and see what he wanted to substitute.

I got a call a few days later from the doctor’s office… asking me to call my old endocrinologists office since he had been the one who originally put me on it… and ask him what he would prescribe instead.

I haven’t actually seen this guy in at least 4 years.

This seriously seems odd to me…. and sort of makes me wonder about this new doc.

I called the endo… and his nurse sort of beat around the bush on telling me they couldn’t tell me without doing more recent bloodwork and a visit and such.. but did eventually tell me the names of two meds that they generally replaced it with.

So I called and gave those to new doc.

And googled them afterwards… one of the two sounds pretty similar to the drug with issues. The other actually sounds really good though and like it has a potential to reduce the related weight issues in addition to just working on the chemical balance.

I’m sort of thinking that I should have googled first… and just given the one name to the new doc.


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