During the “job hunt that never ends”… I used to joke in frustration that when I finally managed to land myself a full time job, we were totally going to have steak dinners to celebrate.

Not because I’m a huge steak fan per-se, but just seemed an appropriate thing to do… and something that was generally out of budget the rest of the time.

This never actually happened though…. and every job since then had either been seasonal or part time or both.

The last time we’ve done steaks was so far back, kiddo can’t remember ever having it. And I’m not particularly sure that she’s actually ever had it even if she could remember.

But last week, I stopped at the store coming home from work… and so it was a different, smaller store than I usually hit. And they have a clearance meat section… which sometimes has some good deals just because its such a small store that it doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

This particular time, they had some 12oz steaks for $2 each.

I walked past… came back…. debated it several times….

It’s more than I would generally spend for meat for a meal right now… but eventually I decided that as long as it had been since we’d had steaks, and as cheap as that was for around here, I was buying them.

And so I got 3… since we usually do dinner with my mom.

I planned to do them one night, but things happened and it got put off, and so then we’d planned to do them on sat. Then things had changed and my brother and his partner were going to be at mom’s doing some work that day.

And so, more than a full day after I had gotten the first three, I went back to the same store…. and somehow, they still had exactly 2 more steaks there of about the same size. And so I got those too… and we made plans to have my brother grill them for all of us.

As it happened, they also had a package of steaks in their freezer that had been needing used… so they brought those too… and last weekend we had a nice dinner of steaks and salad and new potatoes.

And today, I got the call.

I got the full time job with the call center.

In spite of the insane odds against me.

I guess I had the order wrong on which came first?


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