The odds

Literally thousands of people.

75 jobs.

In a town that has several major call centers for national companies… and so lots of people with call center experience.

In a field that strongly favors extroverts and people with strong persuasive skills.

I had completely written off my chances.


Literally, I had just been discussing with my mom half an hour earlier on why I was pretty sure I had about the same chance as a snowball in the sahara.

But not only did I make the cut, I made the cut for the first training group.

I was shocked.

Only afterwards…. did I really stop and think…

All the way back to 2006… when I started with another call center.

The training class was over, and almost everyone in the class went to the same teams on the floor.

But a handful were sent to other teams… including me.

Later, only after we’d won several months of the company competition…. in a team meeting did my manage make mention of something he seemed to think we all knew….

That it wasn’t really a fair competition since we’d been picked for this team specifically based on our testing when we applied.

Before training, before we even had the job… we’d been ranked by our scores on the typing and the other testing… and we’d been placed specifically on this team to maximize that.

Somehow…. in the years since then of being rejected and overlooked and not picked…. somehow I’d forgotten about that.

While different, this call center had done somewhat similar testing as well as the expo… seeming almost as an afterthought after the interviews.

I’m thinking that testing was probably actually the most heavily weighted factor in their decision.

We were all so worked up about the interviews… and who had what experience…. but when it comes down to it, the testing was what really showed who would best be able to handle the computerized aspects of the job.

Because you can chat with the customer with the best of them… but if you can’t get the task done for them correctly and reasonably quickly, they still aren’t going to be a happy customer.

Had I really stopped to think about it… and remember what I knew from the past call centers…. I wouldn’t have been nearly as surprised to get a call.

But it’s hard to be objective when you’re caught in the middle of the land of rejection letters.


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