Blog or journal?

By this point in time, probably not a lot of you remember…. but a long long time ago, I first started writing online at a site called opendiary.

That first diary was deleted due to relationship blackmail… but when I started again a bit later, it was again on the opendiary site for about 3 more years.

I later moved it onto a blogging site for reasons I don’t entirely remember… and then to wordpress because it just works a lot better than the first blog site did.

I think that this start with opendiary has a lot to do with the way I view my blog.

Because it didn’t start as a blog, it started as a journal…. a diary. Entries there weren’t expected to be marketed to mass appeal… they were just meant as personal ramblings opened up to shared experience.

And so I still tend to view them that way, more often than not. Yes, pics and better designs could make it more appealing to the eye, and really marketing it and all sorts of things like that could make it more connected.

But I just really don’t care to. I don’t want a mass audience… I want a handful of core readers that actually understand me or at least care to try to.

At some point along the way, I started a private journal…. offline but on my computer, using a journaling program that also has features that work to update blogs.

As I mentioned a year or so back, I started using the program to do blog entries as well… which means that they aren’t posted instantly the minute that I write them.

I like this for the sake of making minor edits the next day or so, and for occasional issues with internet connections.

But I think it has started to blur the lines further between blog and journal… as most times, I write only one or the other for a particular happening, where normally I would write a private version and a public version.

Which then makes me a bit more reluctant to post the mixed entry publicly…. which then makes me put off posting the pending ones so that I don’t have to make a decision on the one in the pile that I’m not sure about.

Obviously, that hasn’t worked too well.

Recently, one of the book publishers also made it known that they would like to see an “about me” page for participating blogs. Which I don’t like… but still got me thinking a bit as to where exactly I’m going with this.

Honestly, I’m a bit tempted to move the page back over to opendiary…. if it even still exists… not so much because I like their platform, but just because it fits in better there content-wise.

I sometimes feel like a misfit when I start reading wordpress blogs… most of which are written with a large audience as a goal… most of which are written for humor or helpfulness or instruction… and few of which seem to be just aiming at being a simple, basic journalling spot.

Opendiary is a very basic page… but the community is much more towards journalling styles of entries… not so much of the blog style of focus.

But, I like the wordpress platform… and the ability it gives me to make things work how I want them to.

And moving things around is always a messy process.

So I’m still a bit undecided… but it’s being considered.


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