The living hot tub?

Physical therapy is going ok so far. It makes my ankle more sore for quite a while after the exercises, but still bearable.

My calves are not particularly thrilled though. They end up getting the brunt of the workout in the process, and are not too happy about it.

My daughter is in a daycamp for part of this summer that has a bus that leaves from a branch of the local YMCA, so while I’m there dropping her off or picking her up anyway, I’ve started trying to remember to grab my swimsuit and towel on the days that my legs are really grumpy… so that I can hit the hot tub.

There is just something about being in water shoulder deep that is relaxing.

The warm water is soothing and comforting. But even the times that I go into the lukewarm indoor pool first to cool down a bit, it’s about impossible to stay as tense in water.

The water literally reduces the weight you carry for a while… heavy limbs drift and float… and it seems to manage to do the same with the mental weight.

It would be so nice to just drift in a pool of water all day.

The other day as I floated a bit… the phrase living water came to mind.

Granted, that’s usually used in terms of things taken internally… but water is water… burden is easy sort of describes the weight-less-ness in water… and it should be something that soothes and comforts.

And is more portable than a pool.

Making it work that sort of a constant tangible way has never been something that has gone well for me… but it sure sounds appealing.


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