Today when I dropped off kiddo at the Y to catch her bus to camp, the power was out at the Y… the result of some storms last night… and she remarked that she hoped power wasn’t out at the camp or they would have to come home.

I told her that if it was, they would just have to rough it, but she insisted they wouldn’t be able to stay without power. She totally did not get why I wasn’t concerned about a campground not having electricity.

We may need to take her overnight camping sometime this summer lol

So that was the silly side.

But a little later, things sort of took a deep side… and I sort of began wondering what it would have been like to be a random believer in the time of Jesus…. not one of the close chosen ones, but just a random one… and be living in a time of craziness, but not yet have spirit guidance to help.

I take power and help for granted. But what would it have been like without it? Assuming you were one of the ones who wasn’t able to follow him around, you’d have neither the human form of guidance most of the time nor the spirit promptings and leadings… but still have all of the stress and pressure of being a believer in an environment that ended in death for some.

I’ve very glad that I’m not in that position of basically just having to trust. But I think I forget sometimes just how spoiled we are.


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