From everywhere, to here

The one thing that is really odd with the new company is the current staffing mix.

Right now, the training class people are the only ones who are permanent employees here.

Everyone else is borrowed from somewhere else. Even the director is only until the new year.

The primary trainer for our class is from Canada, and her assistant is from California. I think the person above her is from Texas.

None of them have actually worked together before in spite of working for the same company in completely different areas of the continent.

But they are all here… and all working towards helping us… even when it means working with totally unlikely people, and being away from their lives at home and their jobs at home for at least a month.

It just has a different sort of collaborative feel to it that I don’t think I’ve ever really felt in a business before.

We aren’t just the new baby call center… we are everyone’s baby sibling… and they have made it their goal to help us even when it means that some of their best people are gone from their own centers to do so.

Sort of teamwork in action.

And it seems to be working.


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