Life seems to go in spells.

One spell seems to be all about this aspect of life, and another spell completely different.

And I’ve realized that I’ve walked into a new spell.

Last spell was tough. Tough financially, tough mentally, and tough on relationships. But not a spell with a lot of feeling like I had control over anything… it was a spell of endurance.

This feels to be a spell of “ant”. As in grasshopper vs ant.

It’s very very very busy.

Suddenly the drama over favoritism with hours on job 1 has come into the light, and suddenly they are trying to pretend that the hour cutting didn’t happen… and so now they are trying to shovel hours off of one person to cover tracks.

This has meant that suddenly, they are wanting me to work 2 full days and 2 half days per week. Where recently, I had zero hours per week. And since January, I’ve only had half a day a week. Last fall, I only had a day and a half.

So now they want me lots… right as I’m starting full time on second shift.

Meaning that two days a week, I’m working from 9:45am until 12 midnight with only a half an hour off between jobs to fly across town. Oh yeah, and those are the two days that I have physical therapy at 8am.

Two other days, I work from 9am until 1, then have 2 1/2 hours off, then work until midnight.

And one sane day of the week, I only work an 8 hour shift. Only. LOL

It’s been crazy crazy on timing. But so awesome to finally feel like I have some control on ability to take care of financial things instead of just relying on miracles and prayer to somehow make it through each month.

But, it’s also sort of been a bit of a relaxing spell. Because it hasn’t been anywhere near as mentally tough as the last spell has been… plus the financial stress off…

How can I work more than 60 hours a week and call it relaxing? LOL


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