People preferences

I am not a people person much. I tend to be an introvert unless/until I have at least a couple people around me who have earned my trust.

But, I’m also very easy to get along with. It takes a lot to get me mad, or offended, or even to a higher level of annoyed.

But, with being tired and low on sleep, that’s being tested more and more this week.

There are several people who are seriously getting on my nerves… which is an unusual thing for me. So it’s something I’ve been sort of analyzing a bit the past day or so.

The one obvious one that is driving me nuts is Miss Dramatic Extrovert. Unfortunately, she’s been sat next to me way too much. She’s the type that seems to have constant drama going on, and makes it where it doesn’t seem to exist. Is there a polite way to tell someone that you think they they are full of it when they claim someone stole something trivial from them, in a monitored room, with only our 30 person class in the building right now? Nobody is going to risk their job over $3.

But the biggest problem I’ve been having with her is the fact that my introvertedness seems to be driving her nuts. She gets mad because when they put us together as partners to work, I actually want to get through with the task, where she wants to chat.

This then escalated into what felt like pretty much a personal attack… asking me why I don’t talk… asking me about my relationship status… asking me if I thought I was better than her… etc etc.

Seriously? Just go away.

Which she did later. Because I’d pointed out to her that the back side of the sheet was part B of a role play, not a second one we had to do, so she got in a tissy and turned to another team and asked them if she could join them instead because her partner didn’t want to do them.

Sigh. Whatever.

I’ve considered asking our trainer to please not sit me near her again or pair me up with her, but I don’t particularly want to be labeled as a problem. But this girl is driving me nuts.

The second one… is a typical miss know it all. Which I can deal with… given that I tend to hang with nerds, that doesn’t bug me. However, she’s also always wrong, and inserts herself into conversations that don’t involve her.

The highlight? I was talking to someone else, and mentioned that I was going to take my daughter to the drive in, but it was supposed to rain. Miss nosey-know-all jumped in, spinning her chair around and telling me that oh no, it wasn’t supposed to rain until the middle of next week. We walked outside less than 2 hours later, and it was already raining.

It’s getting seriously hard not to roll my eyes in just about every conversation that she jumps into.

Theres a couple more too.

But the interesting thing… is that the one person that I’ve heard multiple people complain about being bugged by… doesn’t bug me at all. He’s a bit flaky and eccentric, but harmless enough… and he does actually settle down into a serious conversation if you start one with him.

I guess each person has their own preferences in personalities though.


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