The sudden realization

So, my new job is mostly doing hotel reservations. The callers have called a reservations number for either a particular hotel, or for one of the brands.

About 3 weeks into our month of training, we go over how to send a message to the hotel to have them contact the person back about something. Pretty normal stuff.

But then we are told that although the hotel usually calls them back within 12 hours, we have to tell them “within 48 to 72 hours”. Because for some departments that aren’t there on weekends, it can take that long on certain days.

And suddenly I got hit with a ton of bricks.

Remember way back when…. 5 years ago…. July of 2008….

When at bedtime, my daughter realized that she didn’t have her bear that she’d slept with since birth… and we were 7 hours drive away from the hotel we’d stayed at the night before….

And I called the hotel… and they told me that it would be 2-3 days before someone would call me back. And I was very much annoyed with that answer.

Suddenly, I remembered.

And though I’d tried to think back and remember when I’d started training, at that time I could only remember staying in one of the brands that we work with…. suddenly I now remembered that I’d stayed in another of the brands, but only once.

The one where the bear was lost…. and after three phone calls and a letter I was still not convinced that anyone had ever even looked for him.

The one that I hadn’t actually intentionally decided to stay there, but that I’d moved to after the power was out at my chosen hotel… and so I’d resorted to that brand only because I could see the large sign on that hotel on the other side of the highway, and knew it had power or the sign wouldn’t be lit.

And then I remembered that because it was already late, after dark, that evening…. the website wouldn’t let me book the room online, and I’d been given a number to call to make the same day reservation.

The reservations line…. but it was a local number, not a toll free number… so I’d assumed it went directly to the hotel desk.

It’s only now… 5 years later…. that I suddenly realize that I was talking to a call center. Probably the one in texas, but hours away from us.


With thinking I was talking to the hotel when i’d called that number to reserve the room…. I’m almost sure that I just would have hit that number in my cell’s history to call it again about the bear.

And again the next morning.

Granted, the hotel never did call me back from the messages… or respond to my letter… but its sort of odd to suddenly realize that I’m now almost positive I never actually spoke with anyone directly onsite about it during my upset phone calls.


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